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Basic strategies and how-to for pay-per-click accounts

Adventures In PPC Geotargeting

I’m two weeks in to a new job, and due to the nature of our business I’m having to dust off my geotargeting skills. At my last gig we were a national e-commerce retailer, so geotargeting didn’t matter so much. … Continue reading

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Setting Goals For PPC

Whether you’ve worked in-house or at an agency, you’ve been there. You have been tasked with creating a new PPC account or campaign, and you’ve been given some lofty goals by the main stakeholders of the project. And many times, … Continue reading

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When To Pause A Keyword

PPC keywords – they can’t all be zingers. Every seasoned PPC pro has had the experience of entering in hundreds (or thousands) of keywords that they thought were relevant, sure-to-convert winners, only to find that some of those keywords turn … Continue reading

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Keyword Relevance Versus Search Intent

Everybody knows the importance of keyword research when launching any new PPC campaign. But there’s one huge mistake that I have seen time and time again regarding selection. Lots of folks try to determine whether or not a keyword is … Continue reading

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Going Down The Rabbit Hole

In my years of managing PPC accounts, I’ve noticed several different patterns and trends that are a part of the job. I even have pet names for some of these phenomena. This week, I want to talk to you all … Continue reading

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