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Basic strategies and how-to for pay-per-click accounts

Bad Days Versus Bad Trends

If you run a PPC account long enough, you will most certainly have a day, week, or month where your metrics completely tank and you (or most likely, your boss or your client) will freak out. This can be quite … Continue reading

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Get Found On The Internet: A Crash Course In SEM

Greetings, PPC Without Pity fans and RISE attendees! Last Wednesday, I gave a presentation on search engine marketing basics as part of RISE Week 2012. The session was limited to 25 attendees, and I’m proud to say I had a … Continue reading

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How To Increase CTR And Why You Should Do It

This week, I want to explore one of the most basic metrics of PPC marketing – click-through rate (CTR). The basic formula is your total clicks divided by total impressions. Some folks over-analyze their CTR, and some folks ignore it … Continue reading

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Two Methods Of PPC Keyword Selection

When you’re creating a new PPC campaign, everyone knows that you need to start with a good keyword selection. But a real point of contention is just how you should go about building your keyword list. In my experience, I’ve … Continue reading

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The #1 Reason PPC Accounts Fail

I’ve worked in a lot of new PPC accounts, as an agency rep, an in-house specialist, and a freelancer. I’ve seen a lot of accounts succeed, but even more fail. And after observing quite a few PPC failures, I think … Continue reading

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