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Adventures In PPC Geotargeting

I’m two weeks in to a new job, and due to the nature of our business I’m having to dust off my geotargeting skills. At my last gig we were a national e-commerce retailer, so geotargeting didn’t matter so much. … Continue reading

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Setting Goals For PPC

Whether you’ve worked in-house or at an agency, you’ve been there. You have been tasked with creating a new PPC account or campaign, and you’ve been given some lofty goals by the main stakeholders of the project. And many times, … Continue reading

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PPC Without Pity’s Best of 2012

Well, it has certainly been a great year for me, and by extension, PPC Without Pity. The beginning of last year marked a major jump for me in my career as I moved into a management role at, and … Continue reading

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Looking Back On PPC Versus SEO In 2012

The PPC vs. SEO debate is something that has been raging since you could start paying for placement on search results. And with search engine algorithms and paid search platforms each becoming more complex with each passing year, it’s no … Continue reading

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Building Long-Tail PPC Ad Groups

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about traffic on the “long tail.” For the uninitiated, this is merely a description of the traffic that occurs on a wide variety of uncommonly used keywords. Think of obscure queries like “find … Continue reading

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