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What Is Relative Click-Through Rate?

One recent addition to Google’s plethora of PPC metrics is Relative CTR (Click-Through Rate). This metric is only applicable to display network campaigns, so you may not see it everywhere. In short, relative CTR is a measure of how good … Continue reading

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Why PPC Behavioral Targeting Doesn’t Matter

So the big buzz this week is that Google opened up behavioral targeting to all advertisers, effectively closing the beta test they’ve been running for the last two years. I’m sure many advertisers are celebrating their new ability to target … Continue reading

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Google’s Content Farm Algorithm Update And PPC

Earlier this week, Google made a significant change to their search algorithm that will impact about 12% of US search results. This update will weed out a lot of so-called “content farms” out of search results, punishing pages that have … Continue reading

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How To Use PPC Data To Supercharge Your SEO Linkbuilding

All good search engine marketers know that pay per click advertising campaigns and search engine optimization efforts work well alone, but are really awesome when they’re integrated. PPC data can often be used for great keyword research, and analysis of … Continue reading

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The Top Three Sites To Exclude From Your Content Network Campaign

The Google Content Network is one of my favorite ways to eke out a few more conversions in a flagging PPC campaign. However, it takes a lot of hard work and careful pruning away of unqualified traffic to make it … Continue reading

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