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Text ad strategies for PPC accounts

Using Personas To Make PPC Ads

Creating a great PPC ad is hard work. You have to write an appealing, effective value proposition while explaining what your company is (and why you’re better than every other company in your space), all within a few limited characters. … Continue reading

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Building Long-Tail PPC Ad Groups

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about traffic on the “long tail.” For the uninitiated, this is merely a description of the traffic that occurs on a wide variety of uncommonly used keywords. Think of obscure queries like “find … Continue reading

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Doing Due Diligence On PPC Text Ads

How many times has this happened: you come up with a killer text ad idea, add it in to your rotations, and then BOOM! Nothing. No conversions, and you’re running up your campaign CPA. What happened? I can’t diagnose every … Continue reading

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How To Get AdWords Seller Ratings In Your PPC Ads

If you’ve done any e-commerce searching in the last year or so, chances are you’ve come across an AdWords ad with some visible star ratings. Maybe a little something like this: The official nomenclature for these stars are the “AdWords … Continue reading

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Facebook Ads Vs. Sponsored Stories Vs. Promoted Posts

There has been a lot of talk this year about Facebook’s advertising efforts, most likely due to the scrutiny that company has received pre- and post-IPO. Coincidentally, I have had the privilege of testing the various Facebook ad formats out … Continue reading

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