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To be an effective PPC marketer, it helps to have a lot of tools in your arsenal. Choosing good keywords takes a lot of background research, and it’s always great to have plenty of options for keyword tools. This week, WordStream released two new keyword tools to help PPC managers find new keywords and organize them into effective groupings.

The first tool is the WordStream Keyword Niche Finder. This tool allows you to generate a list of suggested keywords and niches to target after you enter a root keyword. Here’s an example using the root keyword “ppc marketing”:

Wordstream Keyword Niche Finder

The Keyword Niche finder not only shows you the relative popularity of related keywords (indicated by the blue bar graph), it sorts the keywords generated into related groups. In this case, we get some groups like “ppc marketing >> internet,” “ppc marketing >> search engine web,” and “ppc marketing >> online.” You can then use these niche groupings to build out campaigns and ad groups. This saves a lot of time in the campaign generation process. Using this tool, you automatically get like terms grouped together, and you can determine which keywords are going to be high traffic generators and which ones are more likely to be long-tail keywords.

The second tool WordStream released this week is the Keyword Grouper. With this tool, you can take an existing list of PPC keywords and automatically segment them into relevant groups. This is really handy if you just generated a huge list of keywords from another tool like WordTracker or the Google Keyword Tool. Just export a text file of the keywords you want, cut and paste them into the WordStream Keyword Grouper, and everything gets grouped instantly! This is a great organizational tool, and a must-have for anyone who deals with large amounts of keywords on a daily basis.

These two new tools join the ranks of the excellent Free Keyword Tool by WordStream. This older tool can get you some really helpful suggestions if you’re just starting out a new campaign and need some new keyword ideas. It works great in tandem with other keyword tools in your arsenal. For best results, use multiple keyword tools in your research to get the maximum amount of useful keywords for your efforts.

WordStream also offers a host of paid PPC and SEO management solutions if you’re looking for more robust management and research programs. Check them out at

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