See You In Hell, Google Print Ads!

On Tuesday, Google announced that it would be ending its Google Print Ads program. Before I go on my rant, I should offer one caveat: I have never managed a Google Print Ad campaign, nor witnessed one being managed. Not too surprising, since apparently they never did too well in the first place.

I’ve always thought that Google offering print ads was kind of a silly idea. Most clients are turning to online advertising as an alternative to print. Why would you suddenly turn back and return to your ink-smudged overlords? With online advertising, you get cost accounting down to the penny, and you can easily monitor customer actions using web analytics to make your campaigns more effective. Can print ads boast the same? I think not! Especially in our current economic boondoggle, advertisers want to know exactly where their money is going, and what they can get out of it. And I don’t blame them, since getting this information is only a matter of installing a few code snippets on a website.

So long, Google Print Ads, we hardly knew ye. And who knows, maybe I’ll be writing a similar post in two years about Google TV ads after we’re all watching our favorite shows on the internet…

About Shawn Livengood

Shawn Livengood is a search engine marketing professional based in Austin, Texas. He has extensive experience managing pay-per-click ad campaigns for clients in various industries, from small home-based businesses to large international companies. You can connect with Shawn on Google+.
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