Yahoo/Bing Search Alliance Open Thread And Poll

So in case you’ve missed the thirty billion emails that Yahoo and Microsoft have been sending to their advertising customers this week, the much-anticipated Search Alliance transition is underway. On October 11th, Yahoo started displaying MSN AdCenter ads on a small percentage of their search queries (now powered by Bing). This transition will continue over the following weeks. According to a Yahoo email I got this week, they anticipate that 30-40% of Yahoo traffic will serve MSN ads by October 18th, and Yahoo should be running 100% MSN ads by the end of the month.

So if you haven’t started working on your Yahoo/MSN account transition, you should probably get on top of that. For those of us who have been on the ball, I’d like to use this post as an open thread to discuss our experiences so far. Feel free to post what you’ve seen in the comments section below.

Also, here’s a poll for the more statistically-inclined:

[polldaddy poll=3925501]

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5 Responses to Yahoo/Bing Search Alliance Open Thread And Poll

  1. Carol says:

    Morning of the 17th – Oct, and ALL of our campaigns are set up are and ready in Adcenter. But nothing happening.

    We’re seeing a very tiny trickle of traffic coming from Adcenter and all other traffic is still coming from the YSM Panama system. No transition here!

    We’ve noticed that our clicks in Yahoo are cheaper all of a sudden though. We’re guessing that much of our competition is leaving the building and spending their dollars all on Google now, so we have less competition.

    We want this damn transition over with so we know where our businesss is at once and for all – then we can start dealing with the new system and put it to bed. What a pain and what allot of stress waiting to see if the merger is going to screw us – hard!

  2. michelle says:

    I, for one, am not at all happy with how this has been proceeding…
    1) I can’t use the adCenter desktop tool because my username is too long to be accepted into the login – even though it’s a perfectly acceptable MSN email address. I reported this as a bug in February and aside from getting a form letter asking me to rate my customer service experience, no one has been able to either help me or, you know, increase the size of the login field by two characters or something…
    2) Bing lacks global geo-targeting – I don’t need to advertise in Singapore, I need to advertise in China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE and most of western Europe.
    3) Bing’s keyword selection rules are too restrictive – I run PPC for a place that sells lingerie, costumes, and high heels and I can’t use the term “sexy adult size halloween costume” as a search term in Bing. In fact, they axed 2/3 of the KEYWORDS on a Halloween costume campaign I imported from Google – I’m not use to having keywords disallowed when they don’t contain any brand names or violate trademarks – what do they care what general keywords I use – people are GONNA type that into a search field. duh.
    4) Yahoo was generating sales with an average cost per conversion of $18 and MSN was delivering conversions at a cost per conversion of about $24… since all this moving around began, MSN CPA has doubled – yes $50 and then some on the busiest campaign – and Yahoo impressions and clicks have dropped by almost half. I’ve been able to maintain CPA in Yahoo a little more closely – up to $20, but the lack of total referrals is having a huge impact when combined with the fact that MSN suddenly costs twice as much now.
    5) The stupid link to the “compatibility report” in Yahoo (under the new adCenter tab) has never worked…

    This client may end up leaving both engines if ad delivery on Yahoo properties doesn’t step back up, and if they can’t advertise globally, AND if they can’t start using “sexy” and “naughty” as keywords.

    • I’ve also noticed that MSN is a LOT more strict on disapproved keywords than Yahoo ever was. I’m sure this will be a major problem for a lot of advertisers, not just ones with sexy Halloween costumes.

  3. Carol says:

    So the transition is all done now. We had traffic fine for 3 days and the first Friday after they had completed the transition, ALL of our traffic stopped. No alerts, no warnings, no inactive keyword warnings, no inactive ad or campaign warnings, NOTHING. Just NO traffic.

    Se also see other web sites providing similar landing pages, and they are doing fine. They’re ever where. On top of this, our bids are really high compared to when we were using Yahoo’s Panama.


  4. publisher says:

    Interesting that CPC has doubled for you guys.. Here on the publisher side MSN has shaved 35 precent off our rpc and basically squeezing us out.. we can’t afford to send the traffic to you guys.. somebody – MSN – is stealing big time and just plain making a mess of it..